Rock Health


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"Rock Health is the first seed-accelerator exclusively for health startups. We provide capital, office space, mentorship, and operational support to high-potential entrepreneurs working on ideas in health."


"Each stakeholder’s perspective is essential to catalyzing meaningful change in a system that touches every life in this country– and across the world. So we’ve brought together partners and entrepreneurs spanning medicine, venture capital, the corporate world, and technology. Diverse minds have the power to transform, and to create surprising, delightful, and innovative new companies and products with the potential to change billions of lives."


"Rock Health has strategic partnerships spanning a broad spectrum of leading-edge collaborators in medicine, software development, telecommunications, venture capital and policy – channeling an unprecedented level of health care and development resources to seed-stage entrepreneurs."

Organization expertise: Advising startups, Seed-accelerator, Venture capital
Services: Capital, Mentorship, Office space