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"Founded in 1990, Argosy Publishing delivers technology-based, content development unequalled anywhere. Our expertise includes the latest technologies, allowing us to transform content seamlessly, so it is accessible via print, web, and portable platforms. Argosy has been able to meet, and exceed, the need of our customers by quickly embracing new technologies and using them to deliver content featuring the latest technologies. Our innovative and experienced team of developers, designers, and editors are experts in content transformation using the latest methods to integrate print creatively into an electronic platform. Argosy is able to develop original, interactive content for portable devices. Using our skills in content transformation we are able to adapt exhisting informational content for most portable devices. We develop and deliver a wide range of original content, including games, interactive applications, and high-end animations."

Organization expertise: Arts and Animation, Media and Digital Arts
Services: Publishing, Software and Hardware Applications
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