Family-Based Exergaming with Dance Dance Revolution (DDR)

Family-Based Exergaming with Dance Dance Revolution identifies impacts of the popular dance pad game Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) on families with at least one overweight child who is aged 9 to 17.  The participating families were randomly assigned to receive either a pedometer and a DDR game with two dance pads or to receive a pedometer only (comparison group). The study assesses physical activity, enjoyment, quality of life, Body Mass Index and body composition over time. It also examines family dynamics in the activities they do together and factors that influence each family‚Äôs motivation to be physically active.

Principal Investigator
Ann E. Maloney, M.D.
Research Psychiatrist
Department of Psychiatry
William L. Cook, Ph.D.
Associate Director of Research
Department of Psychiatry
Lead Researcher
Khasi A. Smith, Ph.D.
Assistant Research Director
Department of Family Medicine
Other Researchers

Tessa Winter