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Zamzee is an online rewards program for young teens powered by their physical activity. To earn rewards, teens wear the Zamzee meter, a three-axis accelerometer specially calibrated to record short bursts of movement as well as vigorous activity. Physical activity recorded by the Zamzee meter powers a teen’s online account at Activity boosts a teen’s status within Zamzee and can be converted into spendable Zamz, a virtual currency used to purchase both online and tangible rewards. Teens who use Zamzee earn recognition, the opportunity to take part in a range of online activities, and the ability to acquire things they want based on how much they move in the real world – the more you go, the more you get. Zamzee is fun, it’s social, and it works – HopeLab research shows teens with Zamzee move around 30% more, nearly an extra marathon a month.

Topic : Cardiovascular Health, Diabetes, Exercise and Fitness, Obesity and Weight Loss, Prevention, Public Health
Target population : General Audience, Pre-Teens, Teens
How to obtain : Online, Purchase
Genre : Action/Adventure, Entertainment, Music/Dance, Sports
Game platform : Handheld Device, Internet