Rex Ronan: Experimental Surgeon


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In a side-scrolling Nintendo console adventure game, players guide experimental surgeon Rex Ronan as he shrinks to near-microscopic size, enters the body of his patient who is dying from tobacco-related diseases, and uses his laser scalpel to destroy the tar, phlegm, plaque, and precancerous cells found in nine areas of the patient's body, from the teeth to the trachea to the lungs to the arteries and more, and then battles the biggest enemy of all in the brain: nicotine addiction.  Research has found that this game strengthened pre-teens' anti-smoking attitudes and intentions not to start smoking, and taught them, through graphic imagery with a strong "yuck" factor, how smoking harms the body.

Topic : Prevention, Smoking
Target population : General Audience
How to obtain : Purchase
Genre : Action/Adventure, Educational
Game platform : Game Console