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"The Mosquito and Parasite educational games and related reading, are based on the 1902 and 1907 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine. The 1902 Nobel Prize was awarded for the discovery of the parasite causing malaria and for understanding that the Anoheles mosquito was involved in causing malaria.

Take control of a mosquito and try to find a human to bite and draw blood from! In the mosquito game you stear a mosquito towards humans while you also have to avoid DDT, mosquito nets, buts and birds to suceed in your mission.

Take control of a parasite, try to find your way inside a human being, and multiply as fast as possible! First guide the parasite to the liver where it could multiply, then guide it to a red blood cell where it can multiply again, before your mission is over."

Topic : Infectious Disease
Target population : General Audience
How to obtain : Free, Online
Genre : Educational
Game platform : Internet

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