Bronkie the Bronchiasaurus


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Players of this asthma self-management side-scrolling Nintendo console adventure game guide Bronkie the Bronchiasaurus and Trakie the Tracheratops through 18 game levels to save their ancient planet San Saurian from destructive dust clouds.   They must find the missing pieces of a wind machine before the dust clouds arrive, while managing their asthma to stay healthy enough to succeed.  To manage asthma, they must avoid common asthma triggers such as smoke, dust, pollen, furry animals, and cold viruses, and they must measure their peak flow (breath strength), use their inhaler, and take appropriate medications or call for help when asthma triggers bring peak flow down.  Randomized clinical trials with asthmatic children and adolescents found that playing this game led to a 40-percent reduction in their urgent care and emergency clinical visits related to asthma.

Topic : Asthma and Respiratory Health
Target population : Children
How to obtain : Purchase
Genre : Action/Adventure, Educational
Game platform : Game Console