Fan Expo Canada


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“Our fans make the Expo what it is today and to reflect its scope, the five genres; Comic, Anime, Science Fiction, Horror and Gaming, were re-branded and merged to become Fan Expo Canada. Today, Fan Expo Canada is the country’s biggest, the fastest growing and one of the largest events of its kind in World! … the Expo showcases over 600 exhibits and sprawls to over 220,000 square feet. In 2008, Fan Expo Canada welcomed over 47,000 attendees. The phenomenonal guest list - every year - boasts many celebrity guests who sign autographs, host presentations and conduct question and answer sessions with their loyal fans. Attendees travel from all over the world to attend this ultimate annual event.”

Organization(s) : Hobby Star Marketing
Where and When :
Toronto, Ontario
August 23-26, 2012